Snow Squall Warnings

My poor Boston Terrier puppy! Beans wants to go outside and play; he’s full of pent up energy. However, I really have no desire to go outside with all the snow that is falling – and the snow squall warnings are continuing.  Everytime I take Beans out, I look at all the snow and all I can think about is how I will have to shovel it later, when it stops. And when will it stop?

By all accounts, the snow squalls could continue all night and into the morning with more than 15 cm possibly dropping on us. At least it looks a lot more like winter than it did after the thaw and rain we had earlier in the week.

So Beans is feeling a bit bored while I decide to make good use of the day by catching up on some work related seo projects.  Perhaps tomorrow will be a day of rest and fun.

Speaking of work, I’ve been continuing my research into a raw meat diet for dogs and Beans is doing fantastic on it!  A couple of things I’ve noticed is that everyone else notices just how shiny Beans’ coat is!  Also, it’s amazing how much less water he is consuming since being on his diet. Apparently, this is quite common as raw meat contains so much moisture, unlike dry kibble.

As the evening wears on, for some reason tonight, I cannot help but think of the poem Colleen Campbell wrote for me, almost three years ago. I’m in one of those “feeling kinda” blue when I read it.

But, perhaps some tug of war with Beans will help, later.


About ianhughscott

Ian Scott enjoys several hobbies such as fly fishing, home winemaking and fly tying when not working as a web consultant and search engine optimization specialist.
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