Recent Food Adventures

As I mentioned in my previous post, I love to cook. I like to be adventuresome in my cooking as well and enjoy trying new things.  One day, I tried to make butter – and succeeded. Not that I will constantly make my own butter all the time, but I just wanted to know how it was done. I guess I’ve been like that in many different arts of my life – I learned to change my own brakes and do my own engine work – not that I would do it all the time, but I wanted to know how it was done, and that also gave me the ability to speak more knowledgeably with auto mechanics when I did need them to do the work.

As well as butter, I discovered that making yogurt was much easier than I had ever imagined. And that is something that I will do more often because in the end, it is more economical to make it at home than to buy it at the supermarket.  Yogurt is so easy to make and it is probably a superfood with lots of health benefits. I know it might sound nasty to think that you are consuming active bacteria when you eat good yogurt, but those bacteria are really good for you. I recently came across a website that discussed some of the health benefits of yogurt that I found really interesting:

Did you know that the ancient medicine men of India believed that eating yogurt regularly could extend your life? And there is evidence for that too!

One of the food styles I really enjoy is Indian food.  Although my mom would make curry chicken from time to time (and I really liked it), it was not until some years later when I had the chance to date a girl living in Canada who was originally from India, and she taught me a lot about genuine Indian cooking. Since then, my cupboards are stocked with spices such as cumin, gara masala, turmeric, coriander and other delightful and tasty stuff. I also developed a new appreciation for chick peas and something called “paneer cheese” (almost like a farmer’s cheese, that you can make at home in just a few minutes too).

Many who enjoy Indian cooking are vegetarians, and while I can eat vegetarian food, I admit that I am also a meat eater. Having said that, I really enjoy the vegetarian recipes at Lisa’s Kitchen, which are primarily Indian style cooking.  Lisa does not just have Indian food on the website though. In fact, on October 8th this year, it was thanksgiving and my young ten year old son was coming over to enjoy turkey dinner and I wondered what special desert I could make him. Well, I found this amazing chocolate flourless cake – and it certainly met with my son’s approval:

Another recent discover was Moroccan food! Not exactly Indian, but in the Middle East, some of the same ingredients of spices and herbs are used in their cooking; spices and herbs I really enjoy! And while I do enjoy my Northern Irish “Ulster Fry” which includes bacon, eggs, sausages, white pudding and black pudding, I was looking for something different to have with the eggs that I eat regularly. I came across this “preserved meat” recipe, and it is to die for if you enjoy beef with earthy flavours. The preparation stage filled my kitchen with a scent that just made me hungry! I highly recommend this to you if you are looking for something different, and I am thinking of trying the same recipe with stewing lamb now that I’ve tried the beef.

Perhaps shortly I will provide more about my culinary adventures recently and share what I have enjoyed.



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Ian Scott enjoys several hobbies such as fly fishing, home winemaking and fly tying when not working as a web consultant and search engine optimization specialist.
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