Disappointing Summer?

I’ve heard many people recently talk about how disappointed they are with the summer this year.  Other than a week or so of very hot and humid weather, it has been quite cool. In my part of the world, the past couple of weeks have even seen night time temperatures dip down to 10C when normally we would have lows at night in the upper teens.  One night last week,  my son and I left the windows open – and in the middle of the night, he was crawling in with me because he was cold!

That is definitely an unusual thing for a summer night.  While many are worried about global warming, the more I study the issue, the more concerned I am about a possible global cooling and perhaps a mini ice age.  What has got me concerned are a couple of things:

1. Allow the press continues to harp about global warming, the fact is this has been one of the shortest and coldest summers at the north pole.  While it is common for their to be ponds due to melt water near the north pole every summer, and this year has been no exception,  Steven Goddard provides a graph from the Danish Meteorological Institute showing 2013 temperatures at the pole.

2. The second reason is the fact that the sun appears to be going into a hibernation mode which has scientists scratching their head.  The reasons are not clear, but there is definitely much less activity going on at our solar system’s star.  While it is true that there are some parts of the world that have experienced unprecedented heatwaves (the Irish do not know how to handle days and days of humid weather above 30C), it is also true that the UK had a brutal (for them) winter last year.

Is it possible that this winter could be as bad or worse? Hard to predict – long term weather predictions are often completely wrong. Take southern Ontario for example, which was supposed to experience “normal to above normal” temperatures this summer but it’s been nothing but.  It is weird to see people walking around with jackets on here in the late afternoons and evening when normally they’d be out in short sleeves and t-shirts.

Personally, I prefer this kind of weather over hot and humid.  But I certainly wouldn’t want to see it get any cooler – it would have a massive affect on our food chain and life in general. Life actually thrives when it is warm – and in ancient history, when global temperatures were higher than they are now, indeed life did thrive!

I am wondering though if it might be a good idea this year to stock up on long underwear and other protective clothing against the cold – and be prepared for a mini ice age.

Are you concerned about the possibility of an ice age coming upon us?


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Ian Scott enjoys several hobbies such as fly fishing, home winemaking and fly tying when not working as a web consultant and search engine optimization specialist.
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