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Ian Scott enjoys several hobbies such as fly fishing, home winemaking and fly tying when not working as a web consultant and search engine optimization specialist.

Disappointing Summer?

I’ve heard many people recently talk about how disappointed they are with the summer this year.  Other than a week or so of very hot and humid weather, it has been quite cool. In my part of the world, the … Continue reading

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Business Cycles

Recently, I’ve been writing about food and cooking, and I had originally set up this blog to write about my fly fishing experiences, my times with my kids (and now that my older ones are adults, mostly my ten year … Continue reading

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Sea Bass, Vegetables & Preserved Lemon

As I pointed out earlier, I made some preserved lemons a few weeks ago. I have been looking forward to making a Moroccan chicken dish with preserved lemons, but something else caught my eye. Many years ago, when I visited … Continue reading

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Moroccan Preserved Lemon

So, I bought some lemons. A lot of lemons, actually. I like lemons and am not sure why they get a bad name, as in when you buy a car that is constantly breaking down, they call that a “lemon.” … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Orange Peel Oil Cleaner

Some time ago, I was cleaning cupboards in my kitchen and was disgusted with what I found under my kitchen sink. A mess! A mess of cleaners for this and that, some half used, and I decided I wanted to … Continue reading

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Recent Food Adventures

As I mentioned in my previous post, I love to cook. I like to be adventuresome in my cooking as well and enjoy trying new things.  One day, I tried to make butter – and succeeded. Not that I will … Continue reading

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It’s October Already!

It has been awhile since I posted anything here, and it has certainly been a busy but good summer. I managed to spend some quality time with my son although it is never enough. I did not get out fly … Continue reading

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